Vegan News You Can Use (9/6/15)

What a week! Since the last time I wrote a post I’ve turned 50, launched an online store, and revealed our new vegan meal plan: one purchase, one download, and you get 3 months (12 weeks) of meal plans in 175 pages, which includes 88 recipes (with pressure cooking recipes when applicable), 158 meal ideas + tips! (Purchase now to receive 25% off for the month of September). Oh, I also hosted my radio show Monday featuring beloved vegan cookbook author Kathy Hester; you can listen here:


Oh, there’s ONE DAY left to enter to win a copy of Kathy Hester’s latest book: The Easy Vegan Cookbook.

What a week! And now, how about this week’s vegan news?

Vegan news you can use (9/6/15)


If you’re hungry…

Recently on the blog and radio show

New meal plans, new store, new newsletter, new radio show!

The 3-month FALL/WINTER Real World Vegan Meal Plan

25% off The 3-month FALL/WINTER Real World Vegan Meal Plan! 


Easy Vegan August 31, 2015: Kathy Hester on The Easy Vegan Cookbook (One day left to enter to win a copy of The Easy Vegan Cookbook!)

kathy hester promo

Tomorrow on my radio show Easy Vegan on KCMJ, September 7 at noon MST (11 am PST / 2 pm EST), Alison Mercer of Running on Vegan joins me to answer your common questions about going vegan. Listen on or on the FREE TuneIn app. You can listen to archived shows here:

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Vegan News You Can Use (9/6/15)

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Vegan News You Can Use (9/6/15)

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